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The World Gold Party want to bring more people
together to prevent National Banks from selling "their" gold.
The money we use should be a real representation of labour,
not an easy paper print of a symbolic token representing nothing.

The more people we can attract the more attention we can get ,
better chance to prevent large amount of gold being sold
from the vaults.
This is the only way to avoid a lot of gold being
sold out of their vaults.  
This gold is
the fruits from our grandparents hard work.

We hope to open a lot of people eyes about their labour reward.

It is the only way to know exactly how much physical
gold they really
have in their vaults and how much money they have printed
and put in circulation.

This is a basic human right.

Gold is the reward of hard and risky labour after
the labour is complete.

What do miners receive for their risky labour? A product that is
priced cheaper to buy on the open market that it really costs;
on hard labour to mine out of the ground , from 300 m below

This is because the use of easy paper money printing systems.  

They lease and lent the same gold several times over,

so they can fool people to make them believe stock market
prices or paper gold
are also a representation of labour?

This situation is against all laws of supply and demand.  
It is the same for all the people who spend their
little time on earth and pay them for their labour
with money printed from paper.

When money is printed on paper and nothing is in
the vaults, there is no correlation to real labour.

Only slaves leave nothing for their next generation.  
It is what keeps them on their knees and prevent freedom.

For this reason we reward a few unique humans with
an award of real gold presented to them ,to feel the
the meaning of gold
(the award is a real gold freedom Vreneli coin )

Don't let them fool you, have a voice

You can Support this project and buy for your self
            a gold Vreneli
on the best possible gold price.
our best price is .

Thanks for your cooperation & support,
World Gold Party

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